James Jackson Peters, PFC, USMC
Feb 1975- Jan 1976

U.S.S. HANCOCK (CV-19) Marine Detachment

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I served in the Marine Detachment and came aboard at N.A.S. Alameda Feb 1975- Went on that Westpac - then departed to another carrier in Jan 1976.

While On-board HANCOCK, I was a Brig Chaser and also on the 5 inch 38 gun crew, starboard bow. Matter-of fact, that is where Craig Tenney and I were hanging-out watching the UNREP when we had an Emergency Breakaway. I never would have thought an aircraft carrier could heel over that far trying to avoid collision. I do not know the exact degree of list to the portside as we veered away, but looking at the flight deck, I think anything that was not secured or holding on would have gone over the side. Thinking back, I seem to remember a horn or Klaxon ??? and the 1MC shouting "Collision Eminent Take a Brace! Take a Brace - Collision Eminent". But as you well know memory is not always exact science. During Operation Frequent Wind, I was on the Flight Deck (with my M-14) as security; but looking back now, I think "People Herder" might be a better description. You could read the fear and disorientation in their expressions.

Anyway I was there and am searching for some old friends and pals. All in all I suppose like most of us, just trying to reach back in time and touch the youth we all had back then. Just giving somewhat of a background of my experience aboard .

Sincere Regards,
Jackson Peters

Submitted 3/3/2012
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