Jake Jaccard, YN3
X Division, 1962-1964 U.S.S. HANCOCK (CV-19)

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Jake and the Shore Patrol at Subic

During my Navy days I didn't do 'heavy' liberty UNTIL we hit port in Subic Bay, sometime summer, 1963. Being a Seaman duce, my more 'seasoned' shipmates wanted to 'bust my cherry' and so took me to some of the raunchiest bars in Olongopo City. I found myself in the 'California Bar' on the main street. My shipmates later abandoned me, probably for some hot times with some young lady they thought they were picking up in the bar, when actually it was they who were picked up - that's the way it is in these seedy places in South East Asia - and leaving me, I was alone in this bar.

I commenced to get my blackshoes full of whatever you call it. Since I was a grunt in more ways than one, and never was able to go into bars stateside, I pretty much went wild and not being much of a drinker, and one who could not hold his liquor, I was quickly feeling pretty woosy, and I decided I needed some air so I went out the back door into the alley, which was exactly the wrong thing to do as this area was 'off limits' to all Naval Personnel. Sadly, no one warned me about going back there - or what was Off Limits and What was not: I was weaving back and forth out there, without my 'cover' on when along came the Shore Patrol in their jeep, and asked me what the 'f....' was I doing out there as it was not only off limits but they told me it was extremely dangerous for me to be out there. I don't remember what excuse I gave them, but they could see I was in no shape to allow me back in the bar, so they sent me in to get my cover and hauled my little white butt back to the ship.. I am surprised I wasn't put on report, but then, these things happen all the time; why fill up the Captain's Mass log with all these breeches when a good night sleep would just "cure" them?

I'm sure that many of you old (and current) Sailors have had your encounters with the Shore Patrol in foreign ports o' call - at least once in your Naval Career.. you might want to write about it sometime and share it with us on this Website. I'm sure your stories would top mine, right?

I was glad to be back aboard the Hannah again, which to me was "Welcome Home".


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