Jake remembers several
Port Calls in Hong Kong

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View of Hong Kong through the Capain's Office Porthole

at Anchorage in the Bay

We were anchored in Hong Kong Harbor when this was taken in Oct '63. To our stern, was attached a large barge, where they would receive all our garbage, which, as you might guess, was not to be hauled off to the city dump, but to local orphanages to feed the people.

These workers actually were allowed onship, and hung out in the scullery, where they were filling up 5 gallon cans of our garbage. This scene gave me a forever different view of America and how wasteful we truly are. We could feed the entire nation of China on our garbage and refuse alone! I am not kidding.. I am sure you all know I speak the truth.

God will one day soon, take away His blessings on this land if we continue our outward ways; ways like killing the unborn, sexual crimes against nature, hatred and contempt for that which is good. Greed and avarice.. like a worm, is eating at our heart. It is no surprise that in the most blessed nation in the history of the world, are found the worse crimes, and the most godless of the world. God Help us, AND WILL. The Saints He will take out of this world before those evil doers are punished... if you read this and know I speak the truth, then perhaps one need learn the meaning of repentance... Read Malachi 4

One for for the Hanna - Some good trivia for you Hanna Buffs:  During our often port calls on Hong Kong that WestPac '63, we had our evaporators running crazy and overtime, making water for the then, drought that was taking place in Hong Kong. I doubt they ever have enough water in their reservoirs, but this time I actually have a picture of that reservoir, and it was nearly empty! They were on water hours every 4 days.. so were we! We old salts had to shower in sea water during our stays there.

And the thought of taking a shower in sea water from the bay there repulsed me, because it was full of offal, debris and dead bodies floating about. I refrained from taking many showers then.. I tried to stay as inactive as possible then so I wouldn't work up a sweat, and I used an unusually large supply of deodorant then LOL. I couldn't wait to get back out to sea, and on line, so we could use the fresh water for showers again, during non-flight OPS. What a time!!

It was hard to stay cool there, as you remember, no place was fitting to sleep, except, out on the weather decks. You would find me, my trusty mattress and 'fart sack' (mattress) out on the weather decks more than in compartment during our stay in Southeast Asia. Of course, the 3 typhoons we experienced and the monsoons kept us often from enjoying this.. I loved it out there on the weather decks, lying there, watching the stars move around (we were actually doing the moving :) and it was, to me, like a piece of heaven.

The Catwalks were not a safe place to sleep, as they are not well protected and you could find yourself in the screws.

Hong Kong, to me, was a contrast in reason! Humanity, living on both Offal and sewage, on the one hand, and in stately mansions on the other! There was such a complete difference from the very wealthy (mostly English), to the very very impoverished "lower class" local Chinese peasants. This whole scene made me thankful we had ridden ourselves of the English long ago. Their ways of subjugation has brought them pretty much to the end of their Empire around the world. Wise people no longer wish to live like slaves. I am thankful that I was born in America and from that experience as a youth, on, to this present moment, I will continue to feel this way.

Although our country is seeing some very bad changes; and also some very bad leadership, it will always be the best nation in the world, and  will be, to all faithful patriots and, at least to me,  a contstant Blessing for the rest of my life. If need be, I would fight for it again.

I only hope that our young leaders of tomorrow will remember what it cost to have the best Nation in the History of the world! I am proud to have been a partaker in this whole scheme of Freedom and Democracy.. and was then, willing to lay down my life to preserve it, and continue to feel this way today! God Bless America!


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