The USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Official Poem

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From the Book, "USS Hancock CV-19 -
Point Option" - Second Edition by: Capt Herschel Pahl, Capt, USN (Ret)

George Rodgers also wrote a poem, with no title, back in July'45, after the Hancock's battle damage had been repaired in Pearl Harbor, and while she was on her way back out to take her place with the Fast Carrier Force. At that time the Hancock had quite a few new members in her crew.

I think George was trying to give the newcomers courage that they were a part of a great fighting team and the "Fighting Hannah" was a grand Lady with a fighting heart and she still had a score to settle with the enemy.

Nine years later the poem was sort of adopted, and used by the Hancock, but for a while no one knew just who the author, "Hector" really was. Let's not make any mistake; it was none other than the beloved fighter pilot and poet of Fighting Squadron 6, Lt. George F. "Hector" Rodgers, USN.

Having No Title originally, but was adopted as -

Best Loved by her WWII Crew this Image of her
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"The Fighting Hannah"

The Fighting Hannah - 1944

"The Hancock Poem"

Lads, you hold to the annals of courage
The hooks with Honor bound.
And you roll the names that you read there
And faith, 'tis a pleasant sound.

Then think as you're walking the foc'cle
The HANNAH Hull down on the sea;
Think of the men who man Her -
And the men who memory be.

Aye, feel of the throb of Her innards
And look't the sweep of Her prow.
And know by the likes of your feelings
There's trouble ahead of Her bow.

Then know that the fleet's a-waiting
For Her and your kind in the West;
Aye lad, when they've need of full courage,
The HANNAH will rank with the best

They'll tell of Her guns and Her skippers..
The tales of "WAY BACK WHEN"
And each of those lines will be singing
The praises of gallant men.

They'll write of a mad Old Lady
Who was always willing to fight;
Who spit at the foe until sundown
And searched for it through the night.

Then think, If your soul is Christian
And allowing someday you'll die:
I hope when it comes that I'll find Her
OLD HANNAH afloat in the sky.

Then lad you can sail for centuries..
No watches and double sea pay,
And the sailors of Heaven will envy you..
You men of the Fighting HANNAH today!

Submitted originally, by "Hector" , but now in Spirit - who calls himself an "overpaid Sailor"

And Gifted to this Website by our WWII Coordinator and Admin Assistant, Capt Herschel A. Pahl, USN (Ret).

The 'Official Hancock CV/CVA-19 Poem - 1945 by Lt. George 'Hector' Rodgers - Fighting Squadron 6 - Originally submitted by 'Hector' who called himself an "Overpaid Sailor" - and contributed to this Site by Capt Herschel Pahl, USN (Ret), our WWII Representative and Author of 'Point Option' - a wonderful Epic seen through the eyes of a Naval Aviator, during the War in the Pacific. You can visit his Book Site by clicking Here.

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