A normal sleeping compartment on the Hannah.
Jake and the Fart Sack

by Ken "Jake" Jaccard, YN3, USNR-R

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The best sleep I have ever gotten was at sea during rough weather. I don't know why, but the rocking of the ship, and even the water rushing past the hull sort of lulled me. I have missed that ever since I left ship.

Our compartment (X-Division) was in the same compartment as was the Post Office. A busy one during the day and sometimes at night and during GQ.

We weren't far from an expansion joint, and the Starboard amidships hull; there the creaking when going over seas, and the rush of the seas on the hull had a strange but lulling affect me. It probably did the other seasoned Sailors on the ship.

Keeping Warm in Winter

Does anyone remember sleeping inside their "Fart Sack" during winter? I never could get my hands on an extra blanket, so I crawled inside the Fart Sack - to landlubbers, it is a Mattress Cover - which felt like in a cozy and warm cocoon. I got that idea from other seasoned sailors and so I'm sure you have your own special story to tell about your own Fart Sacks.

Lucky for me, I was never in one during GQ, or I can't remember it anyway; It must have happened at least once in the 2 years I was aboard. Well, you learn how to egress a Fart Sack real fast - the advantage of being 19 and agile. Today after over 48 years past, this old body isn't as agile as it was back then.

Thanks for the Memories, Hannah!

Take care, Shipmates!


Submitted 12/29/2007
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Ken "Jake" Jaccard,
Web Yeoman, USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial
22 September 2003
40 years later