Doug Munson, BM3, USN

Second Division, 1967-1970

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I have a lot of stories, but this one is funny. We were cruising off Hawaii sometime in 1968. I don't remember what month. My buddy and myself (for his sake I won't mention his name), were standing portside watching some dolphins swimming along side.

In those days as boatswainsmates, we were required to carry knives on our side at all times. So my buddy wanted to make a bet with me. He wanted to bet me he could hit one of those dolphins with his knife. Laughing, I said, "OK, but what are you going to do at muster in the morning when they ask you where your knife is?" But before I could get it out he had his knife out and throwing it, landing about 20 feet away from the dolphins I might add. I was laughing so hard I forgot about the bet. He recieved a hand slap the next morning. The embarasement was enough punishment I guess.

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