Dave Caffey FTG-SN

Fox Div. 1967-1969

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I was aboard the Hancock from Dec.67 to March, 69. I hated those 16 month....then, but look back with fond memories today. I made great friends then and miss them today. I was attached to Fox Division and the senior enlisted man was GM1 George Apperson. He would not know me today if I told him much of an impact he made on me.

I was a fire control tech, about to go on my first cruise. I was lonely and missed my girlfriend, got a little inebriated, called her in Texas and gave her the ultimatum to leave college and move out to California.....or never talk to me again. Well, I never heard from her again. But George Apperson found me in my pitiful intoxicated state, put me on a bus and took me back to the ship (I guess...there was a lot of blanks in the actual happenings of that night). He saw that I got to my bunk and never mentioned that episode to me again. To me, putting up with a drunken sailor and getting me back home without reward or repayment meant a lot to me.

And how do you explain the right of passage from a Pollywog to Shellback? Or the hours of GQ with sea-rats? Drinking coffee at 2 AM on the mess deck between sorties only to find the mess cooks had some pot cleaner in the coffee urn to clean the pot out. That coffee WAS a little off, but not anything to be upset about. Loved liberty and the dependent's cruise (my sea duty station was on the 0-7 level and walking the catwalks and looking up through the expanded metal decking at the female dependents was a much better sight than watching the flights take-off and land). Hated drydock, leaving port, hard nights in Olongopo City and the long runs of Yankee Station.

I would like to find out where my buddies are now: Mike Shaldoan, Ken Cummings, Michael West and Ron Moody. I doubt they would remember me now, that was 30 years ago.

Good sight....I wish more people knew about it.

Dave Caffey FTG-SN (then)
Fox Div. 1967-1969