Daniel Mayer, ADRAN, USN
U.S.S. Hancock (CV-19)
VAW-11 Det Lima
1963 - 1965

Testy Sailors:
Recollections of an Encounter with KAWISHIWI Sailors
at the Shit River, Olongapo City, P.I.

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I have an interesting story about the USS Kawishiwi (AO-146). In '64 and '65, Hancock was operating at Yankee station after flying the first strikes north of the DMZ. I was in the Air Group CAG-21 (VAW-11).

Those that were on board during one stretch may remember when we ran short of stores because the Kawishiwi had a problem and could not replenish us on time. The meals became really boring.

When we finally returned to Subic for some R&R we had a big night in Olongapo. We were returning in a Jeepnee with some other sailors. One of the guys from our squadron noticed the name of the ship on one sailors shoulder patches...USS KAWISHIWI. His comment was only 2 words...KAWISHIWI SUCKS!

Well as you can image the fight was on. We were near the bridge and the fight spilled out into the street. Needless to say the shore patrol arrived and we were delivered to the ship by a "different conveyance".

We were sure that our butts were in serious trouble but there are a few good officers. By the end of the next day all the paperwork had disappeared simply becuase the officer's meals were as bad as ours.

Danny Mayer

Submitted 11/22/2007
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