Commanding Officer, U.S.S. HANCOCK (CV-19)
Sep 7, 1945 - Dec 10, 1945

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Words by Roy Jaruk from the Deck Log


I'm Roy Jaruk, a former Merchant Mariner, who became interested in Captain/Rear Admiral Dan Gallery's career.

I never met Admiral Dan, except through his many books and articles. But he had more than a little to do with my choosing the sea as a career. I was fortunate enough while a cadet at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy to be taught practical seamanship by Warrant Bosun Robert Ripley, USN (ret.), who had sailed with the Admiral during the war and thought the world of him. I never served in the Navy (long story - and still upset about it, and not relevant here), but I spent 16 years in the Merchant Marine, rising to the rank of Chief Mate (equivalent to Commander in the Navy) before economics and fleet shirnkage forced me ashore.

I decided to check this site out because after his "escape" from the Pentagon near the end of the war, then-Captain (later Rear Admiral) Dan Gallery, of USS Guadalcanal and U-505 capture fame, was her skipper for awhile before his promotion to flag rank. I was sort of disappointed to find no mention of him here. While the Guadalcanal was the apple of his eye, he had a soft spot for the Hancock as well.

One story he told about his tenure as her captain was the time his CAG came to him and told him they couldn't conduct flight operations because they only had 20 knots of wind over the bow. "Admiral Dan" was just a little short with him, given that he'd been forced on a number of occasions to fly Wildcats and Avengers off his jeep carrier in the Atlantic with NO wind over the bow! He supposedly then stormed down to the flight deck, commandeered an Avenger, and took her off, went around the pattern once, and landed in the "inadequate" 20 knots of wind.

The CAG never tried to tell the Old Man they didn't have enough wind for flight operations again, they say.

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