Bruce Boland, RADM, USN (Retired)

XO/CO VF-24 CVG-21 - CVA-19 1969 -1971, 1972 - 1974

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Part of Hannah Lives on

Email sent to Admin,
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2000 1:02:05 PM Eastern Standard Time
From: Bruce & Elaine Boland

Hello Jake...

I was the XO/CO of VF-24 (F8 Crusaders) embarked in Hancock 1969-1971 and the Operations officer of the Ship in 1972-74. I am most proud of my time in Hancock and it's great accomplishments. I noticed on the Website and in the letter from William Johnson (December 2000 Hannah News-new member) the reference to Hancock being gone and at the bottom of the Pacific . Perhaps many of our members and Visitors to this Website do not know that the Naval Aviation display in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. is the bridge, conning station and chart house from Hancock.

Additionally the Pri-fly exhibit comes from Hancock as well. So don't despair we can always get a little bit of Hannah whenever we are in Washington. For those that haven't seen the Naval Aviation displays in our Nation's Museum I can most highly recommend them.

It was sad to see Hannah broken up for scrap. In 1977 I had my first Ship (USS Durham KA-114) in overhaul at the Long Beach Naval Ship yard and by chance I was motoring around the back waters of Long Beach harbor in my gig when I came upon what was left of Hancock. I got to know the foreman in charge of the commercial outfit that was breaking her up and toured him all over the lower decks and told him of the history of the ship and what she had accomplished. In return he gave me a very nice plaque from the original flight deck planking that was underneath all the steel and aluminum that had subsequently been added as the aircraft increased in weight and landing speed. Great memories.

Thanks for the great website and to Hiram for "Hannah News"

Happy Holidays to all our shipmates.

Bruce R.Boland
Rear Admiral USN (ret)
San Diego California

The person who mentioned that Hannah had been sunk was misinformed: Hannah was dispatched for scrap and not sunk as some ships were used as either Naval targets or more recently, as "Artificial Reefs" as was the USS ORISKANY which was a more honorable end to this famous Ship.

Submitted 12/9/2000
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Did you know that a part of the Fighting Hannah was melded into the "Lone Sailor Naval Memorial in Washington, DC? Yes, it's true. The story can be found at the click of the Button...

The Lone Sailor

"Lone Sailor"

I am the American Sailor
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