Bill Foley, DT2
Dental Lab Tech

CVA-19 1964-'67

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During the 1965 (as I recall) cruise to the Viet Nam area, CDR Robert Spicer, the senior dental officer, promised dental prosthetic appliances (dentures, crowns and bridges), to a large number of sailors.

During the 6 month cruise, very few were delivered. On the way back to Alameda, Doctor Spicer decided that we gotta get all this this backed-up work done. My good friend Dewy Upton, DT3 (now of Herald,CA) and I worked about 48 hours without sleep, with the help of medicinal bourbon and dexamil (speed). We got caught up with our work as we entered San Franscio harbor. The C.O. personally thanked Petty officers Foley And Upton over the 1MC system for their hard work. I slept over 24 hours!

Now about the explosive event...

Some rascally dental lab technician placed a small explosive charge called a watusi inside a cigar belonging to a junior dental officer. I will use no names but he is now well known in Hayward and San Jose. The scuttlebutt said his hair and face got redder than normal.

The perpetrator would now apologize if his e-mail address was available.

Submitted 8/11/06
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