The New Navy Uniform: The Pro's 'n Con's

Recently the Navy Department has been shattering many old Naval Traditions with the advent of another Uniform change.

This controversy has caused not just a little stir among the active Naval Service, as well as among those retired personnel and Naval veterans across the country.

I have, as a Yeoman of the 'Old Navy' of the 1960's, decided to put up a Page to investigate this change and get some input from those of our HANCOCK Crew and the Naval Community as a whole.

I have also included the Navy Departments new Changes as found on the Internet, so that you, who have not been made privy to these changes, may become apprised of what's going on and what is coming 'down' from the Secretary of the Navy - a civilian, I might add, who may or may not be a Traditionalist regarding those 'good old traditions' that have made the Naval Service what it has been for over 150 years.

We are, above all other things, not only a Military Arm of the United States of America, but a Tradition that goes as far back as John Paul Jones, when the Continental Navy was first organized on December 22, 1775.

The Yeoman of this Website would first like to thank you for your visit to this Page for regardless of your time in the Navy or how many years it has been since your service, your input on the changes will mean a great deal to all of us who served in this Time-Honored branch of the Military in the most traditional Uniform of them all - a uniform which continues to stir up so much emotion, whether Pro or Con.

Hancock Shipmate Wayne Erven, Chula Vista, California - 1964 then serving on the USS

Latest Update from Navy Times December 5, 2008:

Tough new rules for blue cammies released!

By Mark D. Faram - Staff writer - Navy Times
Posted : Friday Dec 5, 2008 16:52:35 EST - This article is Mirrored from the Navy Times and we make no claim to it but present it here for you to read. If you would like to visit the Article Page - go

Sailors hoping for less stringent rules with the Navy’s new blue and gray cammies might be disappointed.

The new Navy Working Uniform will debut around the fleet Dec. 15, when senior leadership, commanding officers and command master chiefs will be allowed to wear the digital camouflage uniform, which will become required gear for everyone on Dec. 31, 2010.

But don’t expect to see anyone wearing the uniform in an off-base grocery store, which is allowed in the Army and Air Force. Navy officials have instead decided to stick with the restrictions in effect for the existing utility and wash khaki uniforms, which the NWU replaces.

Sailors can wear the uniform to and from work, either in an automobile or by public transportation, but they can not make any stops along the way. The only exception to the rule is for emergencies, although it is not clear what qualifies as an emergency at this point.

The news is expected to be announced in a NavAdmin message scheduled to be released Tuesday. The message also spells out how sailors are to configure and wear the NWU and will include the official fleet rollout schedule.

See a 360 degree view of the New Navy Working Uniform

The uniform will be the standard working uniform both afloat and ashore for the Navy, according to the message. It will replace:

• E-6 and below utilities

• E-7 and above wash khakis

• Tropical working uniforms

• Winter working blues

• Aviation working greens

The message also said the uniform will replace the existing woodland camouflage uniforms for sailors — unless they are required to wear it for tactical or environmental reasons. In addition, the uniform marks the first time the Navy has issued a cold weather parka for sailors that is now expected to replace command-issued foul weather jackets.

Navy leadership — including all flag officers, commanding officers, officers in charge as well as command master chiefs, senior chiefs and chiefs of the boat — will be allowed to order the uniform online and begin wearing it starting Dec. 15 The rollout will begin in mid-January for most other sailors.

The uniform will enter the fleet in geographic “waves” starting in January with the Tidewater region.

As of Nov. 15, sailors in that region were allowed to order their name and service tapes, rank and qualification badges via the Web or telephone through the Navy Uniform Support Center or via phone at (800)368-4088.

Advance ordering will continue each time the uniform becomes available in a new geographic area, officials said.

The rollout schedule is as follows:

• January 2009 — Tidewater

• April 2009 — Southeast

• July 2009 — Northeast

• October 2009 — Washington DC Capital Region

• January 2010 — Western/Northwest

• April 2010 — Gulf Region and Millington, Tenn.

• July 2010 — Hawaii

• October 2010 — Europe/Japan/Guam

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Jessie Doyal Hood of Decherd, TN
(middle) with Shipmates
This Uniform was tradition! These Sailors were wearing their WWII Uniform proudly

Jake: I liked the Lanyard and the Flat Hat!
This hat was issued to me in 1961, but never got to wear it. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions
about the Navy Flat Hat... but as for me, I liked it.

Jesse Doyal Hood (Middle) with Shipmates - 1936
Jesse Doyal Hood (Middle) with Shipmates - 1936
Jesse Doyal Hood (Middle) with Shipmates - 1936

The New Naval Uniform
This image is property of the U.S. Navy Department

New Navy Uniform

The New Service Working Uniform -
BDU's (Battle Dress Uniform)
This image is property of the U.S. Navy Department

YN3 Jake Jaccard
Web Yeoman

Hancock Shipmate
Max Pate

I would like to get some of your comments on the new Navy Uniforms as shown above. Rather than hear it from young people who have never worn the Uniform of the United States Navy, I would like to enlist comments from those who did wear the Traditional Uniforms of the Navy. Please note that you must first pass a Security Quiz before you can add your comments. This is in place to keep Spam Robots and non-Naval Personnel from entering the Form Area.

I would like to thank you for any input you can give, whether it is positive or negative. Maybe if we get enough input, I will send it to the Secretary of the Navy (a lot of good that will do), but it will still be good to let him know that he is crossing a line that none of us really like.

One doesn't have to elaborate on the importance to Traditional Navy men their love of the Traditional Naval Uniforms - especially the Dress Blues with the 13 Buttons which depict the 13 original States of the new Union; the Bellbottom trousers which were common breeches of the time, but had a second use, to act as flotation devices.

The Jumper and sunshield flap lapel with piping; the Navy Flat Hat with gold letters, "U.S. Navy" on the hat band...

Navy Flat Hat

All played a part in our Navy Traditions. Some may think I'm old fashioned and unbending attitude, but some things need not be changed, and one of them is our Naval Traditions.

We were all sad to see the Flat Hat go, for it was a very important piece of our Dress Blue Uniform. But the White Hat, called the "Dixie Cup" was also part of the Navy for a good long time. We hope it is never relegated to the same heap as was our Flat Hat. I was probably one the last Sailors issued the Flat Hat, however, we never were authorized to wear it, sad to say.

Hancock Shipmate William "Bill" Thompson

Bill Thomson

The White hat, which also acted as a flotation device.. all added up to TRADITION. And none of us wants to see it go, but we're sure there will be comments left on this and the succeeding pages which will voice their approval of the changes... but the Yeoman is quite sure that most of the comments left here will be in the affirmative towards keeping the Traditional Uniform in perpetuity. Will the Navy dump the White hat? That seems unlikely, but today, anything can happen, can't it?

The Following Comments have been left by those individuals who did serve or do now, in the Navy, and the Yeoman thanks you for contributing your thoughts and remarks.

Of course I don't speak for all of you, and is why I am allowing you to voice your opinions. I realize that progress is a way of life but some things just need to be let alone. One of them are the Navy's time-honored traditions and the uniforms those who served wore proudly.

~ Jake

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