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Hello Shipmate, This is Jake the Yeoman of this Website. I have created a new means for all of us to interact with one another - a Social Networking Site similar to Facebook, but keyed to the USS HANCOCK and those who served in her, no matter how long or short a time you served in her, you are Welcome to join this new Muster Area. If you like this way of joining our Muster, I will seek to keep it going with other new ideas. Right now, I would like you to just go there and Register and feel free to use the site's input areas, create another Ship or installation Group for other places you served; or add comments to the Blog in each Group. Please don't use it to Spam anyone. That's against our TOS rules.

When going to the Site, please be sure to read the Welcome text on the Home Page and also the Information in the Registration Section. Next, after you verify your email addresss (we don't store email addresses for advertising purposes, so don't worry about giving some personal information) then Bookmark the location so you can return easily later. Once you log back in, I ask that you complete your Profile by clicking on "Edit Profile" link on the Dashboard. That's the little icon that looks like a small dude in the upper left of the Menu Bar at the top. If you use Microsoft's Internet Explorer v9+ you won't be able to adjust your favorite DASHBOARD tools. Any version before v9, you should be able to adjust them. I suggest you use Google Chrome or Firefox to visit to cure this issue. I don't know why v9 doesn't work, and will ask MS why this is.

Leaving Comments in the Log: Once you have visited the New Site sufficiently, I ask that you leave your comments in our Comments Log. When you have the entry form open, please give some background on yourself, and let me know what browser you used to peruse the New Muster Area. Your input and comments will be considered and are greatly appreciated.

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