Movie Call

The people manning Special Services gave us our Hannah TV. It may look something out of Mayberry, but when you are out to sea for 26 days, anything looks good.

Movies were shown in the Hangar Bay, and I sat up there a few times. I often got a bit upset, though, because the projector's lens must have got broken in WWII and they just put a coke bottle bottom in there to replace it. The pictures were so fuzzy and out of focus, I couldn't enjoy the flicks.

But I am sure some of you could get past the 'small things' if you had enough gedunk.

Hams? We had our share.. and on Hannah TV, we'd find them in plenty. But it was all in fun, so we all just sat back and enjoyed what we had. It was this, or reading a good book from the Library, or one sent from home, or spending your hard earned MPCs at the gedunk.

What could you get at the Ship's gedunk? A candy bar? Some gum.. a cup of coke, and more candy to rot your teeth. Now you know why sailors had such bad teeth: it was from all the pogiebait they put down their gullets.

Really, we had a lot to be thankful for, for Special Services..

They even organized great tours at great Ports of Call. Yours Truly went on a few, even got to see Red China, and a very stinky old Chinese Walled City. While others were spending their hard earned MPCs at places I'd rather not mention, the Yeoman was being a good boy (like his dad told him to be) and just spent all his hard earned MPCs at the local Base Exchange, when in port, such as at Yokosuka, or in Thieves Ally in such illustrious ports of call as Sasebo, Hong Kong or PO City. Now, that's another story..

The Bridge across the 'Shit River'

California Bar, Olongapo City, P.I.

Every Sailor of the "Modern Era" (1960's till de-commissioning) remembers Olongapo City, and what goes on there. I left a few MPCs there myself! (Ahem - I was taken back to the ship by the shore patrol once, and I have to thank them for that, because I was in not-so-safe places). But then, what Sailor worth his salt didn't go into such places from time to time when their eyes were just a bit blurry? Oh, my! What ever happened to good old San Miguel? Or "33"?? I can still feel the affects of San Miguel! And that's another Story I shall leave in my Foot Locker!

Go Here for a Video of the USS Hancock in 1955
by Rich Kirsch, PH3, USNR (Ret)