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U.S. Navy: Welcome Aboard

The Blue Water Navy - Let us Never Give Up the Ship!
The Blue Water Navy
Help us get Carriers added to the VA's List of Ships Exposed to Agent Orange

Naval Reserve Logo - Hooyah!

* The Official Naval Reserve Jobs Information *

Naval Reserve Terminology and Jargon

Navy Online Information Service

The USS Indianapolis (CA-35) Tragedy

Our Tribute to the men and ship

The Fated USS Indianapolis CA-35
The USS Indianapolis Associaiton

The Tragedy of the USS Indianapolis CA 35
Sunday, 29 July 1945 

Jake's Tribute to a Ship named for a Naval Aviator & Hero

On Site Help for doing Military Searching on Units, Personnel, etc.

Patriots Point Naval and Maritime Museum
- visit Hancock's sister ship the USS Yorktown CV10

* USS John Hancock (DD-981)  
- The Last Hancock recently decommissioned. Read about it in our 'Other Hancocks Page'

~ Navy Unit Associations ~

Awarded Websites

Special Awards from Jake's 'Yankee Station'
Veteran Site Awards - All Service Branches

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Vietnam War Information Center

(Inclusion of the following  Links does not reflect Jake's Political Views on any of the Subjects)

Vietnam Service Ribbon          Vietnam Campaign Ribbon

National Defense Ribbon


This section offers access and links to various sites where you can glean information on the Vietnam War and learn more about our involvement in that unpopular war, and judge for yourself the morality of it all. It does not advocate anti-government sentiment, but is provided as an Educational Resource.

Sites which received the Jake's 'Yankee Station' Outstanding Navy Site' Award are marked with the symbol.

Links that are 'Whited Out' no longer work. I am researching these sites to see if I can find where they moved to.. I only have 'Quality' Links on here, and when I lose one, I feel like I've lost a brother... So if you find a link that doesn't work any longer, please make sure you notify me ASAP!  Also if you know where they went to, also send me Email.. Thanks!

Visit the Vietnam War Internet Projec

The Pentagon Papers
Soc.History.War.Vietnam: Subject Index of Vietnam / Indochina War

Other Pentagon Paper Resource:
Pentagon Papers
and the controversy surrounding them.
Courtesy of Mt Holyoak College Library

Veterans Health and Mesothelioma Awareness

If you are interested in learning more about Mesothelioma as it relates to Veterans or wish to read other issues related to Veterans- please visit our Veteran's Health & Awareness Page.

The Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Wall Page
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Vietnam Service Ribbon
Vietnam Service Ribbon takes you to the Vietnam Veterans Homepage

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    Friends of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial    

is now administered by the  
    Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund  


Vietnam Service Ribbon
* Vietnam Veteran's Home Page *

* Suicide Wall Home Page

* World Wide Web Forces

* Gunny's Own Just Cause MIA Site

* Gunners Australia

* US Veterans Dispatch

* Grunt Space at Vietnam Veterans Home Page

* 2/9's Web Site (2nd Btn 9th Marines 3rd Marine Div) 'Hell in a Helmet' Network

ð God, A Marine and a Spider's Web ð

* Subic Bay Naval Base - Memory Tour *


* Sgt. Grit's USMC Connection and Supply

* Charles S. Walsh Memorial Page

* Veterans Organizations and Support Groups

* Mike Leap's 7th Engineers, 1st Marine Division

* Virtual Wall Home Page

Jake's Virtual Wall

* Memories of the Past

* Lost and Found Request (All Services)

* Vietnam Veterans' War Stories!: homepage

* Vietnam Veterans' War Stories!: Riverine Navy!

* Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board and Buddy Search

* The Veterans of America Honor Guard
You can send an Online Honor Guard Greeting card at this site

* Congressional Medal of Honor Recipients, Vietnam

Vietnam Veteran's Personal Home Pages

Ray Bruder's Riverine Navy  - Ray was with the Brown River Navy in Vietnam, running
rivers and the Delta. We have a lot to thank these sailors who put their lives on the line many  times
like the rest of our Vietnam combat soldiers and Marines.

* Images from the Otherland:  Memories from the war in Vietnam
Kenneth Sympson's own Legacy of  War

* Viet nam Veteran Charles P. Brennan Home Page
A specially touching Home Page!

* Dennis Boetcher's Vietnam Death Trip Photo Journal  
Award winning Web Site! A Must see!!!

Jake's Vietnam Memorial

* Bob MacFarlane's Rogues and Rogue's Gallery
Powerful Links!

* Emmett W Queen Sgt Retired USMC B & D /1/3/Wpns Nam 1965-66 homepage
Emmett's site is very well done, an it will tickle any Marine's heart.. matter of  fact, it will tickle any veteran's heart, go take a look-see, people!

* CPL PRO's The Reaper's Edge


Adopt your personal MIA.... We won't rest till they all come home!

For a preview of the Info you will receive from

The Operation Just Cause

Go to My MIA Tribute

Those of you who have your own POW/MIA Sites, Join the...

The POW/MIA Ring

POW Network

To order a POW/MIA bracelet go to

US Veteran Dispatch PX

of the

US Veteran Dispatch Website

You can also call them at 1-800-452-8906.

Veteran's Affairs and Aid to the Homeless

Department of Veterans Affairs

Aid to Homeless Veterans is a very immediate Need  through out
America, Australia, and New Zealand. Find out how you can help!

* VA Benefits for Homeless Veterans

* The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

* Learn about the The Mormons from the Right Source - The Mormons

* LDS Family and Social Services

* Elks National Veterans Service Commission

The following Public/Religious Services need all the help you cand
give them, in your Time, Talents and Treasures... Please don't be shy!
Give them a Call and a donation!

Union Gospel Mission
77 9th Street East, Saint Paul, MN 55101
(612) 222-7962

Union Gospel Mission
435 University Avenue East, Saint Paul, MN 55101
(612) 292-1721

* Point Man International Ministries

View Bill Gunzelman's striking art, Wall Salute. Bill is using the sale of this striking Photo and others of his offerings to aid the Homeless Veterans. For more information on Bill's Project, go to Prints

William R. Gunzelman (GUNZ)
phone: 301-469-7445

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