Relieve the Watch
Lifeboat Crew of the Watch to Muster

Lifeboat Crew of the Watch to MusterThis crew was always called just before Starboard Refueling and Unreps, and also during Flight Quarters. Able bodied crew members, all willing to risk their lives to save another crew member who per chance fell overboard during these dangerous activities.

One wonders how something like that can happen, but as we all know, activities that, after a long time, become routine, so goes also caution. Accidents happen no matter where you are, and in the Navy,
they are scheduled to happen all the time. To be extra cautious is to be extra safe.

Lifeboat Crew Mustering on Stations

Jake on stationThe Lifeboat Crews were there for all of us. To them, we must remember with pride and gratitude for their training and willingness to go all the way for their fellow crew members.

I wish to remember these sailors with special gratitude and acknowledgment. I hope you will reflect back on those days and remember why this watch was called, and the men who willingly served in this capacity. Maybe you were one of them? If so, then let me say THANKS for being there, sailor!