Lee Richard Galloway
Lee Richard Galloway was a friend of mine whom I knew since Junior High School at Anderson W. Clark Junior High School,  in La Crescenta, California.

After commencement from Clark, we continued our education at Herbert Hoover High School, Glendale, California.  I didn't know Lee as well as I wish I had, but I remember Lee as a very outgoing, friendly guy, who had many friends.

 He was an outstanding Honor Student, and was also active in many school activities and clubs, and was a great athlete.  He was voted Most Valuable Player on the Hoover Varsity Football team, 1961-62.  I wish I had gotten to know Lee better in Junior and Senior High School, but we were in different groups back then.  

Lee graduated with me in 1962, and continued his education.  I enlisted in the Navy. and graduation was the last time I would ever see Lee Galloway again.

The years would come and go, and then came 1967, and our Five year Reunion.  At this get-together, word circulated around that several of our classmates had died. One, Greg Kelly, who gave his life in Vietnam in June of that year.  I was deeply saddened by this news, but then I heard that Lee had also died, but what year, I have yet to discover and I'm just assuming it was 1964, but knew that he had taken his own life.

This caused me deep sadness and concern. It was difficult for me to understand how such a good looking young guy, who seemed to have everything going for himself, could be forced to such a final decision as  to taking his own life.  Then the thought came to me, that perhaps I didn't know Lee as well as I should have.  I felt bad that I hadn't tried to make a difference in his life. What sadness he bore? What strife? What loneliness that I could have filled; so perhaps I could have made a difference to him, and saved him from ending his life so tragically.

I am sure most young people have had suicidal thoughts at one time or another when their worlds seem to be crashing down on top of them.  The loss of someone they love, or thought they loved; the loss of a loved one who had died; the disaffection of parents, and so on.. This mystery has become something of an enigma and a conundrum of mental strife on my behalf. I am sure others who knew Lee have had similar thoughts and even guilt over his decision to end his life.

Here is a young man who had everything going for himself. He was popular, likable, sincere, and friendly.  He had a huge following of friends.  What desperation drove him to believe that life was not worth living any longer.  I feel especially impotent in this because I have always been a caring individual who would go the second mile for anyone I cared about.  I would have certainly gone many many more miles for Lee, had he only asked me to do so, or had I known that he was in such mental anguish.


If you are considering taking your life, know that there is no escape from the problems we face here, because in such a decision, you hand off your own sorrows and disaffections to those you leave behind. You certainly don't want to do that. I suggest you find a close friend or a Pastor, Bishop or Rabbi to talk to about your feelings. Do it before those feelings get a hold of you and force you to make a despirate decision. Life is much too precious to end it pre-maturely. Your life is not your own; you were purchased by the Sacred Blood of Jesus Christ; and hence, you can't take what is not yours. Talk to someone who cares, even if you need to talk to me - Jake. I am a Lay minister, let me try to help you, if I can, or I will get you help.

I trust in God's Love so much for us, and this is why I pray that Lee, where he is, might be reconciled to God, so that he might live forever in the Light of God's Forgiveness, Love and Exalted Presence, where we all may soon gather. It is my hope that I might, in that Day, greet him again.

I trust in God's Love more than life itself.  I know that there, in the shelter of His Wings is Healing; I also know that there, we will see all our loved ones again. This is my Faith and my Hope and my Trust.

"He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust" (Psalms 91:4).  

Rest in Peace, dear friend Lee Richard Galloway. I long to see your face again and hear your laughter and your kind voice, for there has been a deep void here without you, my friend!

This Memorial was placed here for those who knew you by your friend and classmate, Ken 'Jake' Jaccard, Clark Junior High School and later, Herbert Hoover Classmate - class of 1962.

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