The Dennis F. Milliken Gallery

Shipmates, you may ask, why a Gallery for Dennis Milliken? Who in Salty Bilgewater is this character I often refer to?

Let me put it this way, Dennis Milliken wound our clocks, walked Hannah's decks for miles on end; stood nasty watches in the Secondary Con.. Stood Quartermaster of the Watch.. had the seat of his pants 're-orientated' a few times by the Skipper... you name it.. so what makes him so important, for many of you could say the same thing for yourselves.. but this is your Yeoman's observation and feelings about this special Quartermaster: Dennis Milliken makes this site run smooth; he is the steam our pipes, the laughter in my heart for the wonderful humor that he so often displays in his writing.

He reminded me about that dumb little sailor Jake who was crouched beneath the wing of a Spad, spotted on the Flight Deck during Typhoon Gloria back in 1963, and how much concern I was causing them up on the Bridge.

Lucky I didn't get caught.. I would have been put on report and hauled off to the Brig, yelling out, "Gang-way, Prisoners!" During High Winds and Heavy seas, you just don't do that sort of thing, Jake! But Jake did.. no 'gange way, prisoners' for me!

Dennis reminded me of how close we all are to those young kids we left behind, through memories.. he's a great guy, a true and loyal friend, and well deserving of this Gallery, and the LAST, but BEST reason why there is a Gallery for Dennis Milliken, is because I am the Yeoman of this site and I say that he can have one!

So without further adeau, I give you Dennis F. Milliken's little photo tribute...

This is Dennis with his pops, right after graduation from Quartermaster A School. This is his 'good-bye' picture when he was about to be assigned to the Hancock

Dennis at Cubi Point, visiting the Hancock

While Dennis was stationed at Sangley Point, P.I., he decided to pay his former ship, the USS Hancock (CVA-19) a visit, and had this picture taken with her in the background, while she was tied up at Cubi Point Naval Base, Subic Bay, P.I..

(now don't you think that's a good reason for having a Gallery for Dennis? )

This is Dennis receiving the U.S. Expeditionary Forces Medal while at Sangley Point, for service on the USS Hancock (CVA-19), when the ship and crew were called off R&R on Emergency Orders to steam into the Gulf of Tonkin, during the unrest and assassination of Diem, President of South Vietnam, November 1963.

All ships company who were aboard during this time are awarded this campaign ribbon)

(See, he won a medal, and doesn't that call for a Gallery? )

Dennis, now a 'seasoned' sailor, in his 'civies' on Magsaysay Street in Olongapo, P.I. Every Sailor who has been to Subic Bay remembers this famous liberty.. some with better memories than others .

(Now someone, especially a Sailor, with as much cunning as Dennis has - and audacity as well - to smuggle civies onboard ship, certainly, in my book, deserves a Gallery so nuff said! Here is Dennis' Gallery. Maybe I'll put one up for you too someday!)

The Jake saw the inside of the California Bar, and later the back alley, and even later, the inside of the Shore Patrol's Paddy Wagon . Read about it Here.

California Bar on Magsaysay Street, Olongapo City, P.I.

The 'XO', Dennis Milliken, as he is today

To write the XO, click his picture

Dennis wrote your Yeoman when the site was new, telling me an amazing story. Please check out what Dennis had to say to him.

Dennis wrote a humorous "Press Release" about the Cyber-Hannah being in Dry Dock, and then eventually going out to "sea" on "Sea Trials". I wanted to include this with his gallery, so you all can enjoy some of Dennis' interesting way or style of writing. He's rather good! We are truly blessed to have Dennis as our XO and Site Historian - and when you read this, add "Correspondent" to the list!

Your Yeoman included some Pictures Dennis took while on a trip to California, our old Home Port, NAS, Alameda, when he visited the USS Hornet museum. Enjoy!

Dennis' slant on his story and this Website


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