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This Vital area is protected by Password.. why the Security? Spammers are screwing around with our Guest Books and now they decided to target the Crew Muster List, hence this little game which can be fun. The Entry Field for Quiz is on the Bottom of this page.

If you did not serve on the Hancock... you went down the wrong passageway... Go back to the Home Page and choose 'Guest Book'.

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A Password is hidden in these Questions below that only a Sailor or Fleet Marine knows - the red ? are your questions. Only one is needed.

Question Options (Only One is needed):

For Marines and 'Some' Sailors...

1. A Marine Guard passes through the passageway with his 'brig patrol' - every few feet along the way you hear, "Gangway..... ?

Or... Marines would know this password - what cerimonial 'Piece' did you use aboard ship ?
Or.... One of the prized duties aboard for a Marine was to act as Captain's ?
Or... The Fighting Hannah's Hull number ?

Or... The Hannah's Hull Number ?

2. Lights out at 2200 Hrs.. over the ? you hear.. "The Smoking ? is out in all berthing Spaces" or..

3. Sweepers, man your ?.. or..

Question Options #4 or #5 For WWII Shipmates:

4. Hancock played a large roll in the "Battle of ? Gulf" or

5. Your CO's name is hidden in this ?

6. "Now set the Special ? and Anchor Detail.."

If none of those worked for you, try this one (simple):

7. The Fighting Hannah's Hull number ?

Or if none worked for you, then please send the Yeoman Email for the Secret Link. You must be a bona fide Crew Member to join, therefore, give a GOOD REASON why you can't answer the above questions as they are well-known by any Navy Crew member, especially from the HANCOCK: You will be scrutinized!

Good luck..