The USS Hancock CV/CVA-19
Marine Detachment

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Quiz - if you are a U.S. Marine - you would know these answers. I have 2 Questions
for Sand Crabs - those non-military types...

Please make sure your keyboard is set to type lower case (no caps) then answer one of the following Questions:

  1. What is Chesty's Last Name?
  2. What "Police Action" did he become a Hero to all Marines? (first word only)
  3. What is the final Week of Marine Corps training called? (first word only). To current Marines, one word beginning with a "C"
  4. What countries are mentioned in the Marine Corps Hymn (first Stanza)? (One only)
  5. What State did Scarlett O'Hara Live in? or her boyfriend's last name?
  6. Ray Charles did a remake in 1960 of a song about #5. What was the last word in the 4 word title of that song? (lower case), it happens to also be the State Song, and originally came out and on the Hit Parade back in 1930 by Hoagy C.
  7. What is the the last word of the name of the Anchor & Globe, or DOD?