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This Vital area is protected by Password.. why the Security? Spammers are screwing around with our Guest Books and now the Crew List.. hence this little game which can be fun.

Password is hidden in these Questions below...

The Yeoman is proud you have chosen this Website to submit for our Awards

Please answer one of these questions, use lower case letters ONLY

Question 1: Slang term for an enlisted Army Soldier

Question 2: Slang term for an enlisted Navy Sailor

Quesiton 3: Slang term for an enlisted Marine

Question 4: Slang term for an enlisted Air Force Airman

Question 5: Slang term for an enlisted Coast Guard Sailor

Question 6: Third Rock from the S___ is the E_____.

Question 7: Slang or common term for a WWII Life Jacket (one word or one made from 2 - Two possibilites)

Question 8: Hancock Hull Number

Question 9: Who said, "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn! (hint: the last name)

Question 10: What Bird is Guam famous for? (first word only)

Question 11: Who was Richard Burton's leading lady? (last name)