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Michael T. Postolan, PHC Extended Vietnam Era Gallery

Shipmates, the Hancock Memorial continues to be blessed with former shipmates willing and desireous to share their pictures with all of us. This Gallery Link was provided by a former shipmate and Photographer's Mate, Michael T. Postolan, PHC, USN (Ret) - Hannah Ship's Company, 1967-1970. Mike invites you all to come visit his Website!

Mike's Gallery consists of what the Yeoman believes are some of the very best images he has seen on the Hancock, though he would not slight any one who has donated to the many Galleries on this website. Suffice it to be said, these images continue to keep memories of the USS Hancock alive for generations to come.

We have Mike Postolan and his son, Mike, Jr. to thank for sharing his Gallery! Please visit his website where you will find hundreds of pictures of similar quality.

The Yeoman is proud to add the following Link to our Galleries, as an Extended Gallery, which is hosted by Michael T. Postolan himself:

Porthole takes you to the Michael T. Postolan
USS Hancock CVA-19 Gallery

Contact Michael T. Postolan using Admin Mail

An example of his Gallery are shown below in several Thumbnail images. As I said, these images are some of the finest your Yeoman has seen yet, and I'm happy to provide you a 'glimpse' into the Michael T. Postolan Gallery, here, but the full size images are located on Mike's Website. Make sure you visit His Personal Photo Galleries at his website for the complete Gallery. This Page is but to tease you there.

Shipmates, Enjoy!

Ready Power for Peace

 USS Hancock CVA-19 - Ready Power for Peace

We Return Home

USS Hancock arrives from WestPac 1967

Many remember our returns to Pier #3, to embrace our families and friends. The Best Part of a Cruise was when we returned home!

A fantastic aerial view of the Hancock

Michael Postolan captured this picture of the Hancock for us, as a Photographer's Mate on the Hancock. This is one of the Best Images of our ship!

The Hancock tied up at Pier #3, NAS, Alameda, California

The Hancock tied up at Pier #3, NAS, Alameda

Flight Deck Crew Honors the Hancock Service Years

Flight Deck Crew Honors the Hancock Service Years from 1944 - 1969 (Up to the time this picture was taken)


The USS Chemung AO-30 came along side for a routine refueling evolution July 1967. Mike Postolan snapped this image aboard Angel One.

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