Dave Thomas, AO3-2 with VU-1
Extended Vietnam Era Gallery

Pictures in this Gallery are of USS Hancock & Other Ships

Welcome shipmates to the Dave Thomas Extended Vietnam Era Picture Gallery!

Recently (April 2002), Dave Thomas send me an Email Message telling me he had some nice pictures of Flight Deck Operations on the Hancock, and if I'd be interested in them.

Of course! Was my only response.

Dave truly did take some very good pictures as you will see below, and as always, we are very happy to have such quality pictures to share with the World on this, the Memorial to the Good Ship Hannah-Maru!

I hope you will agree that Dave has done a good job on these pictures, and if you wish to thank him personally, you may send him an Email Message. The Email may not work, as its been 3 years now. You can also send your Yeoman one, as I like to hear comments about the Galleries on the Hancock Memorial.

When I first saw these pictures, they took me back nearly 40 years to my own days on the Hancock, and the colors on Dave's photos are preserved so wonderfully!

The photos are terriffic examples of the Light and Colors of Operations at Sea in those latitudes. Asure Blue skies and the Seas were so beautiful, there simply isn't a good word to describe these scenes, except that they are within all of our minds, and need only be recalled by viewing such photos.

I wish it were possible or I had taken the time to snap some pictures of the Starry Nights out at sea in those Latitudes! I have never even come close to seeing Night Skies as brilliant with Stars as they were out there! Do you agree?

Once more, thanks, Dave for truly great photos!

Your Yeoman also took some pictures of Flight Deck Operations, which are located in my Personal Gallery. Please make a 'Port Call' over there, too.

Dave's Email:

Subj: Re: Your request for good quality photos
Date: 03/30/2002 7:12:23 PM Eastern Standard Time
davethomas1@attbi.com (Dave Thomas) (strike through to protect him from email robots)

Hello Jake

From mid-1962 thru December 1963 I was an AO3-2 with VU-1,
http://www.utron1.itgo.com/, a utility Go Hannah says Dave Thomassquadron based at NAS Barbers Point Hawaii. Included in the "ordie" shops many tasks was TAD as ordnance ORI observers for the fleet admiral. In all, I was aboard eight separate carriers during that period including the Hancock in 1963. While reading, and enjoying your narrative describing your days at sea aboard Hancock I remembered having five pictures taken from "vultures row" during that ORI. You may have been a few feet away when I took the pictures.

Also, your text suggest the ORI was June 1963 but a picture of the ship leaving Pearl during ORI is labled September ? My slides are imprinted June.

Another error is in "Jake's Personal Photo Journal" the tail section, described as that of an A4D Skyhawk is actually an A3D Skywarrior. That plane, #2, is most likely from VAH-4 deployed as an DET. One of my pictures looks down on another A3D, #3.

Let me know if you're going to use them.

Dave Thomas

As I said, Dave, MOST ASSUREDLY!!!! No sooner received, than DONE! Without further ado, here is the Dave Thomas Extended Vietnam Photo Gallery...

Please note that if you wish to save these pictures to your computer, you should first seek permission from Dave first, and while you are at it, give him a hooyah and Thanks!

An Approaching A4D about to arrest

 An AD at the Approach Ramp with tail hook down Hancock, June 1963 ORI

A1's warming up for Launch

AD's warming up for launch

Constellation, ORI 63

A Launch Sequence  of Spads during Flight Quarters

A Launch Sequence of Spads

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

An assortment of Hannah's CAG Compliment

Various aircraft spotted on the Aft Flight Deck


Crash Crew on the Starboard Catwalk

Crash Crew on the Starboard Catwalk, watching an approaching F8U Crusader

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

Crash Crew on the Starboard Catwalk

A Close-up of the men on the Catwalk (same picture as previous)

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

Is this Dave Thomas? :o)

Midway, November 63. A very young Dave as an AO-2 "ordie" ORI observer next to a VA-25 AD

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

Port Catwalk close up view of the Flight Deck looking Forward

Port Catwalk close up view of the Flight Deck looking Forward, from the Arresting Gear area


Starboard Side looking Aft, with a Demon's Tail over side

Starboard Side looking Aft, with a Demon's Tail over side

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

An F8U Crusader on the Approach Ramp, catching the Wire

An F8U Crusader on the Approach Ramp catching the Wire

Hancock, June 1963 ORI

A very nice view of Pearl Harbor from the Hannah

Entrance Pearl Harbor

("Our" Favorite Place! )

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