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U.S.S. HANCOCK CVA-19 - On 'Dixie Station' - Gulf of Tonkin, South Vietnam

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Welcome shipmates to the Hancock Memorial's Vietnam Era Photo Gallery!

Below you will find the Medals Hannah won during the Vietnam War. A dark time in our history, but the crew had a positive outlook that kept our morale high during this time. There were, sad to say, some instances during this time which we all would rather forget, and so I won't bring them up, either...

Five Battle Stars Vietnam War Era 

Humanitarian Service Medal
Humanitarian Service Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd Humanitarian Service Medal

Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal
Bronze star in lieu of a 2nd Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal

Navy Unit Commendation presented to Commander,  Task Force 76 for service during Operations Eagle Pull and Frequent Wind, which Hanna played a major role in, and therefore, those involved also  can claim this medal

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Meritorious Unit Commendation presented to Commander, 7th Fleet

same action above
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Vietname Service Medal/Ribbon

Vietnam Service Medal

Hancock won 13 of the 17 Campaign Stars
on the Vietnam Service Medal
Description of each campaign is located on the
Hanna Awards Page

Foreign Medals

Vietnam Campaign Medal
Vietnam Campaign Ribbon

Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation
Republic of Vietnam Armed Forces Meritorious Unit Citation
Gallantry Cross with Palm

For a complete listing and individual information on the above Ribbons
and qualifying dates, please visit the "Hannah Awards" Page

Most of these images have been donated to this site by former Hancock ship's company. I am VERY grateful to those who contributed to this gallery, which I feel, is one of the most complete and comprehensive galleries on the Fighting Hanna that I know of; we need to keep the old girl alive in our memories as well as teach our children patriotism and about life on this great warship. If someone don't do it, she will just sadly be forgotten. But she won't  be forgotten as long as there's breath in me, and an interest in the Historical community. Along with you and other former shipmates, we will keep Hanna alive.

She 'sailed' for 32 years, including time in dry dock and also decommission time.. Shipmates have come forward and signed the Deck Log from all Eras of Hancock's active life with the Fleet. Each one of us has his own 'window' or time frame in which he served. It has been my desire to bring together these galleries, and weave them together to form a wonderful tapestry of Hannah's and our own Passage into History.

This whole experience with putting up the USS Hancock Memorial Website has been a wonderful 'coming home' experience for me, through the many many hours I have put into this site, and has become a "Labor of Love". I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have, and will gain as much as I have from the experience. This , along with reconnecting with former shipmates, has become the Highlight of my life!

If you have photos of yourself as a young Sailor  or Marine   (etc.), please send them, and I'll include them with your Story. I am seeking Oral Histories also, from former Hancock MarDet Unit members! Use this Email Link, and attach your photo(s) to Email.

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Your Yeoman and Tour Guide Jake was aboard Hancock when this Photo was taken as we Deployed WestPac '63

The Fighting Hannah as she departs CONUS for WestPac '63

Later the Yeoman watched the A1D Skyraiders from Vultures Row on the 07 Level warming up prior to a Deck Launch
(Photo source unknown)

Please note that if you wish to save these pictures to your computer, you should click your Right Mouse Button, and then the 'save as' option. The pictures, in most cases are much better quality than they show on this page.. so rest assured, your copy will be better than you see here.

- From the Paul R. Yarnall (NavSource) Gallery
§ - Donated by Joe Zeller
- Donated by Dennis Milliken
Log-19 - Captured image from Log-19 '63 Cruise Book - See
Kudos Page for Credits

Arial view of the Hannah

This is a good arial view of the Hancock, complete with full completement of planes from Carrier Air Group 21 - A 'bird'e Eye View' from Angel One off the Starboard Side (1975) Donated by Joe Zeller. He has a nice collection!

Hannah as most of us remember her

This picture is one of the better pictures in tis gallery, which reprensents the Hancock during her final years. It is the way those shipmates who served on her from 1956 when she received her angle deck, through the end of the Vietnam War. This is the way your Yeoman remembers her the most.

Dennis Milliken visits the Hannah one last time at Subic Bay

My shipmate, Dennis Milliken donated this picture to our gallery. Dennis was stationed aboard Hancock during the same time I was, and has contributed a great deal to this site, including some Oral History. He surprised me with a story that will bring back memories for many of you. Please visit the Oral History site for his and many other great sea stories!

Another nice picture of Hannah from 'Angel One'

Battle Readiness was our condition and our Motto was "Ready Power for Peace"!

Hannah with Task Force 78

Hanna steaming for Yankee Station with Task Force 76 - Donated by Joe Zeller

F8U Fly-by over Hannah

This is an aerial shot of a Fly-by of a squadron of F8U Crusaders - One of the most sussessful, deadly and accomplished planes of the Vietnam War! I don't know who contributed this picture, so I can't give credit; if you are the owner of this photo, please accept my gratitude for it's use and let yourself be known so due credit can be given!

Hannah at Ford Island, Hawaii 1975 - refitting for Angel Pull and Frequent Wind

Hanna had to briefly hit port at Pearl Harbor to unload Marines and other gear, and return to Yankee Station, this time classified as an LPH, where Operations 'Eagle Pull' and 'Frequent Wind' were in full operation. Picture was taken in 1975 during the Evactuation of Saigon. Read Joe's declassified message on Hancock Oral History Page. (Joe Zeller, our photographer).

The Island with the familiar

The Familiar #19 on the Island Structure! Who would forget? (Picture donated to the Gallery by Joe Zeller)

F8U Crusader set for launch on Starboard cat

This picture was also taken during this time (Joe Zeller, our photographer). Notice the hilo on the Port Catapult. No, they weren't going to launch it!! Getting reading for more evacuations. On the Starboard Catapult, sits a ready F8U Crusader

On Pier #3- NAS, Alameda

The scene is one that no sailor on Hancock will ever forget; the Afterbrow, and the pier at NAS Alameda! Did you know you didn't have to salute the Ensign at night? But how many of us did? Nothing like coming home after a long cruise to WestPac, and seeing all those families on the pier waiting for us.. Makes one's heart skip a beat, thinking of those days! Pictured here is Joe Zeller, pausing to salute an Officer while taking 'Trash and Garbage to the Pier'

Hannah in the South China Sea

Dennis Milliken donated this great frontal shot of the 'Fighting Hannah' - and is one of my favorite shots of our Ship in this Gallery, though all are great pictures, I think!

1963 Deployment

Another favorite of mine, this shows Hannah as we were embarking on WestPac '63. We had just dismissed from Flight Deck Muster, as we had passed under the Golden Gate Bridge, on our way to ORI (Operations Readiness Inspection) in the vacinity of the Hawaiian Islands.

A nice Arial of Hannah outside SF Bay Area
Tim Durand

Another view of Hancock steaming out of the San Francisco Bay, on way to WestPac oncemore. This Picture donated by Tim Durand via Ed Rostine. Ed has contributed to our Oral History Site as well.

Hannah in Hong Kong R&R 1975
Don Mettler

Hancock at Anchor in Hong Kong (1975) on Hannah's last WestPac. Picture donated by Don Mettler. Thank you Don.

Official shoulder
Don Mettler

Pictured is the Hancock's 'Final Cruise' shoulder Patch and the Hancock Patch which many wore on their Flight Jacket

Cubi Point Naval Base, Subic Bay, P.I.
Richard Leonhardt and

Subic Bay Philippine Islands, March 7 1966 Picture courtesy of  NavSource and contributed to that site by Richard Leonhardt

Jake's last view of the Hannah, March '64
Yeoman Jake

Your Yeoman took this picture of our ship as he turned to look at her for one last time, in March of 1964. This was my very last view of our ship for I was never to see her ever again, and only when I decided to put up this Memorial Site to her, did she really become something cherished and missed.

Good frontal picture of Hancock in Hawaiian waters
Log-19 Cruise Book '63
"on O.R.I"


I scanned this picture from our Log-19 1963 Cruise Book. It turned out very nice; I wish I knew the photographer so I could give due credit, but should he happen aboard this Memorial Site, know that we do appreciate your labors! From what your Yeoman can recall, this picture was taken in the waters of Hawaii, and more than likely, while we were there on our Three-Week ORI (Operational Readiness Inspection).

Log-19 Cruise Book '63
"on O.R.I"


This picture was taken the same time as the previous one. Your Yeoman used some Picture Magic to place two pictures together to make one very nice picture of the Fighting Hannah. This picture is saved in 800 x 600 resolution, and makes a very nice Windows Wallpaper file - Try it you'll lik it!

Added 7 July 2001

Fronal view of Hannah

A frontal or 'Birdseye View' of Hanna as perhaps seen by her many Squadron Pilots - (in their rearview mirror )

WestPac 1963 Deployment
Hancock History Book

Pictured is Hancock with her 3000 man crew heading out for the waters of the South China Sea on another WestPac Cruise. This picture could have beent taken anytime from 1956 through 1976. Picture courtesy of the Hancock History Book.

return home from WestPac '63
Log-19 Cruise Book '63

Another picture scanned from Log-19 1963 Cruise book, this one taken from 'Angel One' our plane guard hilo, as we are about to return home from that 7 month long cruise to the Western Pacific waters of the South China Sea, Tonkin Gulf and the Sea of Japan. Aboard you would find 3000 very happy Sailors!

 Hannah taking on fuel from the USS Neches AO-47
Log-19 Cruise Book '63

This is a picture of an at sea replenishment exercise. Ship alongside is long forgotten now by myself, but those aboard her would remember coming alongside the Hannah many times during this and many other cruises to the WestPac. This ship may be the UsS Neches AO-47. On this particular occasion we saw an Emergency Breakaway full blown. Read about this Emergency Breakaway in Bill Shipley's account in the Hancock Oral Histories. (Courtesy of Joe Zeller)

Hangar Bay 2 and 3 from 1
Source unknown

Pictured here is the Hangar Deck on the Hannah, from Hangar Bay #1 looking Aft. Remember the Fire Doors Control Room with the small peep holes just above the Portside Elevator? You can see it here on the left side of picture where the light from the door is coming in. Dave Mercer who is no longer with us, pointed this out to me.

The Wheel House on hannah's Bridge

When Hannah was dispatched to the Scrap yard, to be rendered into 'Razor Blades' - her entire Wheel house was disassembled and reassembled at the then Smithsonian's Air and Sea Museum in Washington, DC. This is a picture of it in reverse (They reassembled it backwards! ).. Click picture to see it the way it was on the Bridge. Visit the Bridge.

However, the museum is now called the
National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC.

On June 30, 2012, the Yeoman checked to see if they still had this Exhibit, but have not been successful. I learned that they often change exhibits, so now where this Exhibit is located, is any one's guess. If you know, please contact me immediately by the Website
Email Service. Thanks. If I discover where the Exhibit is, I will place the new Link here and also on our Welcome Aboard Page. Go there and learn that some pieces of the HANCOCK were melded into the "Long Sailor" Statue at the Naval History Center in Washington, DC

Always on Station,

Unknown Plane Guard


This is an outstanding view of the Fighting Hannah, pictured aft, with one of our ever faithful Plane Guard Destroyers following right behind. So much could be said about those who served in our Task Group, while on line, during all times of operations, but no time, other than WWII and Vietnam can one truly appreciate the presence of these ships, and for those who required their help, your Yeoman is quite sure, a hardy THANKS goes out to those sailors who served proudly in our TIN CAN Navy. Hand Salute!

Added 7 July 2001

Scene of the Historic Hannah from the Kitty Hawk '70 - 71
Scenes of Hannah from the Metal Deck of the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63
WestPac '70-71

Scene of the Historic Hannah from the Kitty Hawk '70 - 71

Scene of the Historic Hannah from the Kitty Hawk '70 - 71

Scene of the Historic Hannah from the Kitty Hawk '70 - 71

Thanks Patrick!

Patrick Williams from the USS Kitty Hawk CV-63 recently (8 Aug 2001) wrote the Yeoman the following E-Mail contributing some interesting shots of our ship:

"Jake, I've attached the photos of the Hancock on Yankee Station that I took from the Kittyhawk sometime between late `70 and mid `71. I wish they were of better quality, but as you know we never got to close to other carriers while on Yankee Station. While not close-ups, they do show you how the Hancock looked to us on the Kittyhawk. As for the moments that the photos were taken, I don't remember exactly when it was, but I do remember being on the flight deck early in the morning after having just finished working all night. I saw the Hancock way off on the starboard side and knew that I had to try to get a picture of such an historic ship. I ran down to the VA-195 Ordnance Shack, got my camera and ran back up to the flight deck hoping I hadn't lost my opportunity. Unfortunately, this was the best I could get with the equipment I had, but they are better than nothing.

Patrick Williams"

plwilliams(at) (Patrick Williams)

Visit the Kitty Hawk CV-63 Association Page

Frontal view of the Proud Hannah
US Navy Photo

A very nice frontal view of the USS Hancock during flight quarters.

Picture courtesy of the Hancock History Book

Kirk Luehrs, AC3 - '62-'62

Hey Jake,
Here is a photo that I took of the hancock (CVA-19) Helo known as "Angel One" in 1962 flying Plane Guard. It was an HU1 Papa.

Kirk "Kooksan" Luehrs AC3 (OC Division), '60-'62

Hi Sydney!! Hannah Hails Sydney, Austrailia on R & R early 70's

Hanna tied up at Pier #3, NAS, Alameda, Californai - 1971
Pictures courtesy of Tony Rucker, AK3, USN (Ret)

Shipmate, Tony Rucker, AK3, sent us this and the next photo of the Hannah, which he took in 1971. See Tony's Serendipity Gallery for some interesting pictures which he wished to share with all of us. Tony says he was in the "Y" of Sydney when this was taken. Which 'Y' Tony?

Hannah at birth on Pier #3, NAS, Alameda. Tony says, "Check out the rare Chevy El Camino to the right. Those sure were the days!

Thanks, Tony, for some very good pictures of the Happy Hannah!

Starboard Refueling
USS Navasota AO-106 Alongside, during Refueling
Picture courtesy of the Log-19 '63 Cruise Book

Now man all Starboard Refueling Stations. Lifeboat Crew of the Watch to Muster. The Hannah takes on Fuel from USS Navasota AO-106, for operations off the coast of South Vietnam in the Tonkin Gulf.

See more of this ship during a Refueling, on the '
Man all Starboard Refueling Stations' Page

 The End of an Era - Yet the Tradition lives on

Hannah's Final

This picture was donated by Michael Donegan, and pictures Hanna already going under the cutting torch. On the dock, you can see her gun mounts already removed. This is a sad sad picture for me, and I am sure, for all of us ex-Hancock Sailors.

I would like to thank Mike Donegan for allowing me to use this picture of Hancock in her final days. With her side cleaners long gone now, she was left for the elements to take over, and we know how fast the sea and salt works on steel when not protected. Truly a sad ending to a Noble Lady!

Please visit Mike Donegan's Homepage,  
NavyDaze and enjoy Naval and Aviation art done in exacting detail, color and composition, which make up his unique, one-of-a-kind paintings. A piece of history captured on canvas.

* A little bit of my own rhetoric here, please, but I know that, had the country not been at war, and where there was such a large anti-war, anti-military sentiment in the land in 1976, she might have been saved. I can't understand why such a distinguished warship would not be saved as so many are today.. The time was just not right for Hanna. Today, she is lovingly known by yours truly as the...

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