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Welcome Shipmates to the USS Hancock Memorial's Photo Galleries.

I have striven to seek quality photos of our ship and related pictures, and I think you will agree that these galleries will top any gallery on the good ship USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 anywhere!

Matter of fact, excepting, of course, Paul R. Yarnall's NAVSOURCE.ORG Website, I don't believe you will find as comprehensive a gallery on any Aircraft Carrier or Navy Ship on the Internet as you will find here. If you have any pictures of our ship that you would like to see here, please, by all means, send them to me via Email attachment. I will be happy to display them in the place they belong.. The Hancock Memorial Galleries.

Shipmates, sad to say, some photos are of questionable quality but as time goes along, I am sure visitors such as yourself will care to contribute some of your 'quality' photos of the Hannah so we can display them to the world here in these galleries. Try to send us as good a quality scanned photos as you can. If you cannot send via Email attachment, you can send a CD-ROM disk to me at my home. See below for the mailing address.

Hancock being Launched January 25, 1944, at the Bethlehem Steel Company, Fore River, Quincy, Massachusetts.

A Front view of Hancock during WWII with spotted Hellcats on Bow

A Front View of the Hancock in WWII with Spotted F6F Hellcats on Bow.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and I believe it's true; the best way of preserving memories are through photos.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy your visit to these galleries.

I would like to thank Paul R.Yarnall from NavSource - The United States Surface Warship Photo Archives for photos which he allowed me to use from his galleries. They are shown with the sign. Please make sure you visit Paul R. Yarnall's NavSource for more Navy Ship photos and History!

I would also like to thank all those who have contributed to this Gallery, and to those who will do so in the future. I know there are many great pictures of the Hancock, out there, hidden in old shipmate's sea lockers. I hope that they will come forward and donate their pictures also.

Note: It has come to my attention that some graphics seen here either are credited wrongly or not credited at all. If you see a picture of yours here without crediting, please be sure to let me know via Email about this shortsightedness.

I will try my very best to correct this and give due credit to you. Please note that I have decided to open these galleries to full screen view as it's the best way to view rather than in frames. This said, I invite you to our Galleries...

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~ Yeoman Jake ~

Our Hancock Photo Galleries Help Bring on the Memories!

Our Featured Gallery on this Website is also known as our "Hub" Gallery...

Plan of the Day Gallery - /aka/ 'Shipboard Life' Gallery -

Note: This Gallery should not be missed, as it is an example of what Shipboard Life is all about - every day. This is an outstanding Gallery to jog your shipboard memories!

Shipboard Galleries - To Return to this Page, click on the Galleries Launch Image on most of these pages!

Middle Years or Post Recommissioning Years Galleries 1953-1962

  • The Kenneth Groom Middle Years Gallery - Post WWII through Refitting and Re-Commissioning
  • Ken Groom a former USS Hancock Middle Years Shipmate, has also contributed a fantastic Oral History Gallery (contains some photos) of his days aboard the USS YANCEY (AKA-93), a Fleet Cargo Ship. Come take a cruise aboard Ken's first ship in the early 50's. Make sure you visit Ken's 'Yancey' Gallery - you'll enjoy a gentle reminder of shipboard life when we were all part of...

Daffy's 'Old Navy' - the Real Navy!

Say what you want to say about Today's Navy,
For those who served in HANCOCK and other
Ships of the 40's - 70's - there is no Exception...
The Old Navy Way was to us 'Old Salts',
The Best Navy Way!

  • Rich Kirsch's Fighting Hannah - Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR, 1953-1955 is now the proud Sponsor of our Middle Years Hancock Memorial - His own Website which is also under "Jake's Military Memorials Unbrella" is Here.
  • The Charles Henry Faulkner Middle Years Memorial Gallery - This Gallery really is a Lasting Tribute to LCDR Jay T. Alkire, USNR, who lost his life in an Approach Crash on Hancock's Ramp. There are 14 Sequential images recording this horrific Crash Event and the loss of LCDR Alkire. It is not to show the Death Scene, but to remember of his supreme sacrifice, and also to remind us how dangerous Flight Deck Activity is, and the perils involved in Carrier Qualifications and Air Operations. LCDR Alkire was attempting to arrest in a F7U-3 Cutlass. This Galllery is part of our 'Project Remembrance' by which we are seeking input on Operational casualties, both in peacetime and war.

Vietnam War Era Galleries - 1963-1975

  • Main Vietnam War Era Gallery
  • The David Thomas Extended Vietnam Era Gallery - An outstanding Photo Gallery! Dave was not Hancock Ship's Company, but served as an Attached AO3-2 with VU-1, , a utility squadron based at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. Some of the "Ordie" shop's many tasks was going TAD as ordnance ORI observers for the fleet admiral - He know how to take great pictures!! Thank you Dave Thomas!
  • The Michael T. Postolan, PHC Extended Vietnam Era Gallery - Mike Postolan, one of Hancock's past Photographers Mates, has his own Hancock Memorial located off of this Website, but his Galleries are of such wonderful content, that Mike and I are Partnering in the Effort to keep the Memories Flowing - We have a few example of his Photography in our Gallery here, but encourage you to visit his own Memorial -Thank you Michael Postolan!
  • Jake's Personal Vietnam Era Gallery - Not as extensive a Gallery as the other more impressive ones on this site, my own Gallery does have some interesting photos which I snapped while over seas. You'll also grasp some of my humor there. Remember before you click the link. Let the page completely load BEFORE you page down, or you'll miss the best humor on this Page! ~ Jake
  • The Bruce Collison's Vietnam Evacuation Gallery - This Gallery is part of our Shipmate's Gallery. You will find an Index where you can go to Bruce's Gallery. It will in time become part of the previous Gallery, Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind" Gallery once that Gallery is complete.

    Bruce "Doc" Collison, a Navy Corpsman attached to the Fleet Marines came aboard with an attachment of Marines and captured the Evacuation of Vietnamese aboard the LPH Hancock during the collapse of South Vietnam in his small but noted gallery...

    We need more Galleries of this particular time of the Hancock's History. If you have photos and/or stories regarding Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind" please Email the Yeoman and arrange an Upload of your information for possible addition to this Website's Galleries. - Jake

  • The Frederick A. Kralowetz, AVCM, USNR (Ret) VAW-11 Detachment Lima Extended Vietnam Era Gallery - By far one of the few most extensive Photo Galleries on the Internet of the USS Hancock CVA-19, ranking up there along with the Michael T. Postolan USS Hancock Vietnam Era Gallery, this gallery will have a "Reflective" affect on you that will bring you back time after time.

This is the First Gallery honoring one of our CAG/CVW-21 Squadron Members VAW-11 Detachment Lima!

While I was assembling this Gallery, I had many flashbacks of this time aboard ship, since this time was so very poignant to my early memories. I am quite sure it will have the exact same affect on you as you peruse this Gallery. I can only say a hearty "Bravo Zulu" to our Comrade and Shipmate, Fred Kralowetz for supplying all these photos along with the Memories which will come flooding in. Thanks Fred!
See it for yourself!


Visit our Newest Gallery -
The 'Fred A. Kralowetz's VAW-11 Detachment Lima Gallery'
U.S.S. Hancock CVA-19 WestPac '63-65 Cruises

A Must See!

  • The Rich Baker USS Hancock Memorial Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind" Gallery - This Gallery will become one of our Title Galleries, once we get all of you who were aboard during this time to contribute your photos and stories. We are taking our Galleries to a higher level in this Gallery as we are combining Oral History along with Imagery. It is currently under construction (as of 11 Oct 2010), so return often to see our progress. You can access the Shipmate's Public Galleries from the present Gallery or click Here.
  • The Operations "Eagle Pull" and "Frequent Wind" Gallery - This Gallery will become the final Gallery on this Website. It was the Final Operations of the Vietnam War and soon thereafter, the "Fighting Hannah" was stricken from the Navy's Ship's Register and scrapped. It is fitting that this Gallery then will become the Final Operation of this Website as well.

Aircraft Galleries

Additional/Sundry Galleries offered on this Site

  • Plan of the Day Gallery - /aka/ 'Shipboard Life' or the 'Hub' Gallery - This Gallery should not be missed, as it is an example of what Shipboard Life is all about - every day. This is an outstanding Gallery to jog your shipboard memories!
  • The Dennis F. Milliken Gallery
  • Hancock "Icons of the Past" /aka/ our Hancock Mystique Gallery - Mystique Gallery? Mystique is a strange word that describes things of a mystical nature. Much of Life aboard a Ship becomes memorable to us, which in time becomes 'mystical' in a personal way, especially those little things that jog memories that we never paid much a-mind to at the time, such as a match book; a Baby Zippo, or an old tattered prayer booklet, that the YMCA gave our troops in WWII. This is what our "Icons of the Past" Gallery is about. Check it out! then if you have something 'Special to your Experience' to share, let Jake know!
  • Shipmates Personal Registry Galleries - We encourage YOU to contribute to these Galleries. You can do so if you have a Group Picture of you and your buddies, or have something of extraordinary interest to share with our Crew and Visitors.
  • TAPS Page Gallery -We cannot forget that our TAPS Page IS and ought to be a Lasting Tribute Gallery to those of our Crew who have since crossed over the Bar.

The Hancock Shipmate's Personal On-Site image Galleries

Additional Referenced Off-Site Hancock image Galleries of Note

  • WWII USS HANCOCK Refueling Underway. This Page is a great Gallery for WWII Shipmates and History Buffs! These awesome Photos of USS HANCOCK (CV-19), being refueled by USS TALUGA (AO-62) during WWII, are being showcased by a fellow Web Shipmate, Vern Bouwman in his "Neosho Class Oiler Memorial Website". Be sure to visit Vern's Website! There is great Naval History found on Vern's Website.
  • Photo Gallery of a HANCOCK Underway Refueling by the USS Kawishiwi AO 146 - Visit this remarkable Photo Page of HANCOCK being refuelled by USS KAWISHIWI (AO-146). These are remarkable images we are happy to provide you thanks in great part by those contributors to the Navy.Memorieshop.com Web Site!
  • Official Navy History Hancock Image Gallery - Visit this Gallery for other sources of Hancock Images of High Quality. These Images are available from the Navy History Center for a Fee.
  • NavSource has an Excellent Hancock Gallery - Visit this Gallery for more Hancock Coverage. We are glad to see more and more Naval Galleries on the Internet referencing the "Mighty Fighting Hannah!"
  • The Michael T. Postolan, PHC Vietnam Era U.S.S. HANCOCK Gallery - Mike Postolan, Sr. was a PHC aboard USS Hancock in the early 70's. He captured some of the best HANCOCK imagery found to-date. Mike and his son, Mike Jr., are one of our Web Partners.
  • Rich Kirsch's Fighting Hannah - Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR, 1953-1955 is now the proud Sponsor of his own Middle Years Hancock Memorial Website - also under "Jake's Military Memorials Unbrella". In Jake's estimation, this is an 'End Cap' Website, that should define how all Military Websites should look like and 'feel'. It is Bright and Clean as our Ship was and promotes the USS HANCOCK as she should always be promoted. Truly a Must Visit Site! Site loads extraneously. To Return here - Close the Window.

We will be adding more as time goes on, why? Because it is the Galleries that keep you all coming back, and why this Website is always...

With Gratitude to YOU, our Galleries will always be...

We don't want to forget that our Oral History Site is also Steaming under the Same Gallery Flag.. come take a look...

Hancock Oral Histories Site

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