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The Files Listed in these Download Folders are Available to you for Downloading as an added feature of the USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial. More will be added as files become available - If you have something you feel should or would be worthy of this Free Service, please suggest it to the Yeoman of this Website by sending him a Message here.

Hancock WWII Deck Log Files: These files were made available by the Hancock Associations Plankowner, Charlie Boyst. We are forever grateful to him for providing the old mimeograph copies of the Deck Log from WWII. It took the Yeoman nearly three years to convert them all to text and Word document files. A long time, yes, but you will all agree, the work was worth it when you have TRUE Hancock History at your immediate disposal. The Yeoman is still looking for the Post-Recommissioning Deck Log - if you have it or know of where it can be obtained please write the Yeoman in Admin Department. - Thanks - Jake

WWII_Deck Log.exe - This is a Self Extractable Archive which includes the WWII Operational Log Files. Included in this Archive are the Commissioning Ceremony Instructions and other interesting documents.

WWII_Deck Log.zip - The WWII Operational Log is also available in a "WinZip" Archive which includes all of the above documents.

You can learn more about these Archives by visiting the Archive Download Page.

WWII Deck Log Files:

We are providing each file in the Above Deck Log Archive as separate downloadable files. If you want to read them quickly, choose OPEN on the Download Dialog when you click on a file.

Historical Documents:

The Historical Documents Folder contains interesting Documents which we feel you will find interesting. We will be adding more as more are located.

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