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Ken "Jake" Jaccard,
Programmer and Web Designer
Yeoman Bee NetGraphics, Ltd.
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Winchester, TN 37398 - (931) 962-9875

Members of Admin Department are:

Jake Jaccard, YN3, USNR-R (Ret)
Website Yeoman, Chief Administrator and Admin Assistant
Dennis F. Millkin, XO and Chief Website historian
XO and Website Historian and Admin Assistant

Capt Herschel A. Pahl, USN (Ret)
Hancock Memorial Aviation Historian and Admin Assistant

James R. Barbour, AN (Aviation Boatswain Mate striker),
Hancock Memorial Flight Deck Historian and Admin Assistant

Richard A. Kirsch, PH3, USNR-R
Middle Years Ship and Aircraft Information Specialist and Admin Assistant

Robert A. "Mac" McKay, AQ1, USN (Ret)
Information Specialist and Admin Assistant

Lawrence K. "Larry" Jones, ETN2, USN (Ret)
Shipmate Research Specialist and Admin Assistant

USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Memorial Special Liaison Officer
Capt Tom Wimberly, Associate Member and former XO, USS Hancock and now Acting President, USS Hancock CV/CVA-19 Association (7 April 2009)

Hancock Memorial Special Association Liaison Officers

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