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Ship's History, including the Operations Log is history, and can be obtained here or at the Naval Historical Center, Archives. To find out such sources, go to the Lost and Found Page, or our Links Page, or log on at the National Archives Center.


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Shipmates, your Yeoman can't emphasize enough the importance of this need to correct Links. Some time back, your Yeoman invited one of our esteemed Shipmates, the now Late Command Master Chief Courtland "Corky" Johnson to come aboard as our Acting Command Master Chief, which he enthusiastically agreed to. However, being the honorable man that he was, he could never allow his good name to be placed in an objectionable place, least of all, a Naval History Site that was not living up to the high standards of the United States Naval Service.

So Corky, before he gave me the Bravo Zulu, perused the website to see if it lived up to his high standards. When Corky accidentally happened upon a link on our Military Links Page, that took him to a porn site, he jumped ship immediately!

I couldn't blame him one bit! I had no idea that my link which was to take a visitor to a bonafide Military Website, actually took the visitor to a pornographic website. How this happened is an enigma, but after looking at the underlying code, your Yeoman discovered he used a wrong tag in the link code. The tag should have been Post instead of Get. That's all it took to cause our honorable Command Master Chief to refuse the call. I explained the matter to him, but he still refused to come aboard. He did allow us to use his Oral History, but this problem has become a very painful memory to me. So please report any dead or objectionable link to your Yeoman immediately!




Jake the Yeoman