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Thank you, shipmate, for your Visit to..

Jake's 'Yankee Station' -
USS Hancock Memorial

Because of you, and because of this website, you and I will keep the old Fighting Hanna alive for our generation and the future.

Fair Winds, Shipmate!


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Before leaving, remember to Salute Colors...


Then the Officer of the Deck...

"Request permission to go ashore sir!"

A Snappy Return Salute, "Permission Granted!"

This was the last view of Hanna that I had as I left ship when I was separated in March, 1964

My last glimpse of Hancock

Make sure you visit the ship's Association Homepage..

USS Hancock (CV/CVA-19) Association

The Association needs youthful members, as the numbers of our "Old Salts" are beginning to diminish, due to natural attrition, so you Korean and Vietnam Era Hancock Veterans, come and Join! The Association also welcomes Associate Members, offspring of former Crew members and just those interested in Keeping the memory of the Hancock Alive for future generations... Log on to the Association Homepage and check it out.

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