Hello Shipmates! Your Yeoman has worked long and hard to convert the Hancock Operations Log which first initiated at Commissioning on 15 April 1944.

Charlie Boyst of the Hancock Association had sent me a large folder full of mimeographed copies of this old Log, and asked if I could convert them to readable text. I said with the help of a good Text Scanner, I could do so. However, at the time, I had no scanner. So that became a priority for your Yeoman. I found a good quality scanner, that also scans slides for a good price and set to work. I had no idea that this was to become a MAJOR JOB!

For, though the scanner was a good quality one, that put out good quality, the TEXT BRIDGE® program can only do as well, as the text it is scanning is readable and convertible. TEXT BRIDGE® uses Optical Character Recognition technology to convert scanned text to digital Text, available for the computer to use as ASCII characters. So what I thought was going to be a breeze, turned out to be a Major Work, because, even though I was able to scan the text, many of the converted characters looked like so much gingerbread, and I ended up doing most of the re-typing of the text anyway.

Because of the labor intensity of this job, it often got put on the back burner but after many long tedious hours at the keyboard, the Deck Log files are now complete! Hooyah!

The Deck Log contains over 75 pages of the History (The Deck Log), along with other pages of notable interesting information, such as the Commissioning Ceremony; some info on the original Commanding Officer and XO, etc.

I am quite sure you will find this record interesting reading, and perhaps, even something you'd like to have on our Historical Ship.

I am not sure if you were as aware of our ship's history while you, yourself served in her, as I wasn't all that informed, but thanks to modern technology and the Internet, so much more is now available to us. This is just one area you may use to gain as much history on our ship as you can, which has always been my Number One Priority.

These important files are now available either by opening each page separately, or by downloading the entire Archive for yourself. Since our Ship was OUR ship, the RECORD is also OUR's, so I am not asking remuneration for my labors, but leaving it up to you on a Free Will Donation. If you feel you'd like to contribute to the furthering of this Website, that is where the funds will go. Trust me, I am not into this thing for profit. If I were, I would have scuttled this effort long ago, as precious little has come into my coffers, due to the hundreds; perhaps thousands of hours I've invested in it.

The Downloadable Archive uses Zip Technology, and you can install these files in a Folder of your choosing, using this Installation Archive. See Download Site Link below for the Installation Archive.

To receive all the above files and the Deck Log, in a dowloadable archive, go to our Download Site and download the Installable Archive...

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We Have History!

Our shipmate, Dennis F. Milliken, QM3, did some Sleuthing for me on the Hancock Record being written in the early 60's and came up with the following information. I am offering it here as an added feature. Please click on File to Download to your computer: The following file (Hancock_action_62-63.doc) will spawn MS Word, or Hancock_action_62-63.txt will open as a Web Page which can then be saved to your computer.

This record took place during the time that Dennis and myself were working the Bridge on our Gray Ghost, the Fighting Hannah. He has other interesting data on our ship, and it will be offered here as we move along. If you have any questions regarding the above, don't hesitate to send your Yeoman Email. I will do all I can, within my ability to answer your questions. If I can't answer them, then I'll sick Dennis on the matter. He use to walk all over the ship, winding Clocks; He use to steer the old Girl at the Helm; he knows how to read a Chart, and how to keep her pointed into the wind.. someone with his expertise at many things, will help you with what you need to know. Dennis is, after all, our "Official Hancock Memorial Historian." He has done an extensive study on this subject, and you can read what he has at his own website, the "XO's Office". Please make sure you visit the XO's Office onboard also. Thanks to Dennis, this site is running smoothly.. and on course!

You can read some of Dennis' own 'Oral History' by going to our Oral History site.

The Crew of the Hancock etched her record in the annals of Naval History, for all time, and we should consider ourselves quite fortunate to have such people as Dennis and Charlie and the many many others which go unnamed, who have so faithfully contributed to this website. As you all must surely know by now, it is our COLLECTIVE effort, not just your Yeoman's, that will guarantee that the FIGHTING HANNAH will never be forgotten. It is for us, perhaps, more than any other, that this Work was done, but done also, that our youth may come to understand and know what it takes to keep our Freedom in this, the Worlds greatest Superpower, for now and for the unmeasured years that is America's future.