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Click the respective Images above to see optional Jewel Case Covers and Labels Available

Shipmates, if you are interested in a CDROM Upgrade, and see the words "UPDATE AVAILABLE" in the Text Field below, you can either use F2 on your Disk to print out an Update Request form or download one from this Website and then send in with required Fee.

If you are changing your Label and Jewel Case for this Newer version, you should go here to choose which one you wish to use so you can let the Yeoman know on the Form.

Attention on Deck!!

CD-Rom Fee currently is $25.00 + $1.50 S/H = $26.50 - Upgrades for Registered Users: $20.00 + $1.50 S/H = $21.50

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Your new CD-ROM Disk will be prepared and Personalized for you and as soon as we receive your Payment.

Payments: Certified Bank cashiers check or Bank or Postal money order. A Personal check is acceptable, but we will not ship until checks clear bank. In which case, please allow 3 Weeks for delivery.

Your new Updated Disk will be shipped to you at the address you supplied in the Request form. You can download the Request Form in the format you can use via the buttons below.

The Mailing address is on the Form.

Note: If you wish a Customized Disk, visit the Label Page - then press BACK Button to return here.

Order Update via Surface Mail

Order Update via Surface Mail

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