Catholic Mass, Ship's Lounge

Jake Salutes our Catholic Chaplain!

Father Doyle giving Mass

CDR Doyle

This is Father J. J. Doyle, who served on the Hancock, during WWII, and it was he, who suffered so much over the deaths of our crewmates, during the tragedies onboard our ship, such times as when the Kamikaze hit us or the 500 Lb Bomb exploded on our flight deck..... He was a man who cared deeply for all of the Crew. Father J.J. Doyle passed away quietly in his sleep on September 30, 2001. "Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints"

This is Father Doyle saying Mass in the Crew's Lounge. Fr. Doyle was a good man, and I can remember, he was always the last man onboard before deploying, but always there to listen to you, if you needed someone to talk to who understood.

Hannah was blessed with two Father Doyles during her 32 year life. In WWII, the Catholic chaplain was also Father J. J. Doyle

Father J. J. Doyle, a good man!

Father Doyles prays over the Sacred Emblems

CDR Doyle (chc) Catholic Chaplain