Breakfast for the Crew

Breakfast for the crew

JakeSome memories come back to me when I look at pictures of the MessDeck..
Food was surprisingly very good on Hannah! We had a very impressive menu, when I think about it, specially when you remember that the cooks there, were set up to feed over 3000 hungry men, while deployed.. perhaps 2000 or so when back at homeport, Alameda.

We had such fares as the popular S.O.S. in the morning, fried or scrambled eggs.. you could actually order your eggs the way you liked them, and you usually could depend on getting something that tasted like real eggs.  The American Fries were great.. Breakfast was usually shared with a buddy, that you got close to.....

and you were just about famished by the time you got to the mess deck, after the long, long line that started up on the hangar bay, and sometimes ran the entire length of the ship.. It took over 2 hours to get seated and fed.. you had no time to diddle dattle either, as there were a lot of guys needing your place at those tables.Steven D. Moncur /name changed to later to Steve Passon

I actually got use to the dehydrated eggs, milk and potatoes.. I even got to like them, and even today, I find myself buying dried milk and mixing it myself. Probably saved myself a lot of chloresterol in my arteries from drinking dehydrated milk ha ha.  Yes, meals on Hannah were a pleasure... oh, my buddy here is Steve Moncur. He and I enlisted together, went active on the 'buddy plan' and both requested an aircraft carrier for duty.. we got our wish.. we usually took our meals together.. was about the only time I got to see him, as he went first to 1st Division, then on to Navigation, while I was working for the CO in the Captain's Office.