Page copied from 1970-1971 WestPac Cruise Book showing
the Hancock did win the Battle Efficiency "E" in 1969

Hannah Awards Document #6

Hancock and Crew win the Battle Efficency
High ranking Officers gather for the Awarding of the Big "E" in 1969
L-R Carrier Div Adm (Flag) Rear Adm McClendon, XO Capt Chambers,
CO Capt Newton P. Foss, Flag Chief of Staff Capt. J.M. Tully

This info was submitted to the Yeoman by David Roland & Tom Hall (see below Emails)

Note: New as of 4-27-02: The Yeoman reports that the names of the 4 Officers in the photo above have been identified, thanks to several shipmates who saw this page and came forward. You can see here that this Website Memorial to the Ship and Crew is paying off in dividends, and really is OUR Memorial !

Naval Effeciency Ribbon


On January 28th, I received an Email from David Roland former Public Affairs Officer (1968-69) of Reston, VA, who stated:

"Jake, I know the officers names Page #6 of the Dan Larkin Gallery...

"The two officers in the photo with the "E" are the Hancock's skipper,
(later RAdm) Newton Foss
at lower left, and Capt. Bayard Chambers, the ship's
Executive Officer. The 4-shot below them includes, from left, the Carrier
Division Admiral aboard at the time (name forgotten),
Capt. Chambers, Capt.
, and the Flag's Chief-of-Staff (name also forgotten). You have probably
already identified
CNO Adm Tom Moorer at left, who once visited on Yankee
Station and made a few remarks to the crew from the ship's tiny television
studio, where I believe the photo was taken. I was the Hancock's public
affairs officer at the time and left the ship in December 1969. Regards and
congratulations on your good work in telling the important story of Hannah
and her men.


Thanks, Dave for taking the time to send in the above Email, so that we can report facts as they were, and not supposed. Each and every one of these men played an important role in the Hancock's History. So did you! Thanks again, Shipmate, and Fair Winds! ~ Jake

Another Email came in from shipmate Thomas A. Hall, regarding the above officers, and must give credit here also...

From: (Thomas A. Hall)

"The 2 Officers painting the "E" on the Hancock (in the "E" Award Photo) were were
Capt. Newton P. Foss (Lower) & the Officer leaning down was the XO Commander Neiger.. The lone officer (sitting down.. on the photo on the left) was Rear Adm. McClendon (check the spelling).. The bottom photo.. the 2nd from right was the Skipper: Newton P. Foss & 3rd from right.. XO - Neiger... I was on the 69-70 cruise.. I remember the "E" Award being announced over the 1MC.

We did win the "E" Award during the 69-70 cruise..I remember it being announced over the 1MC..

Tom Hall, Balto, MD
OE Div..69-70 cruise"

Note: There seems to be a discrepancy in the XO's, however. I am trying to clarify this problem with the two and will update this page at a time when I do come up with corrections - Jake

* On 19 August 2002, I received a follow-up Email on from Tom Hall ( (Thomas A. Hall) telling me the name of the Officer on the far right of the 4 Standing Officers and told me, "The Officer on the far right (of the 4 standing side by side) is Chief of Staff - Capt. J. M. Tully (got it out of my 69-70 Cruise Book).

Tom Hall, OE Division 69-70 West Pac Cruise.

The Public Information Office's 'Phuque' Report