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We apologize to our Visitors for the many 'dead' links on this Page! When the page (and awards) were presented, the Awardees had bonafide active links, but have failed to keep the Administrator and Yeoman up-to-speed on their present whereabouts. Therefore we have lost active links to their worthy sites. If anyone knows of their whereabouts or wishes to report a Broken or Down Link, please send a message with URL to Jake - Thanks.

Award #60 - http://www.lake-erie.navy.mil -

We of the Hancock Memorial are proud to present an unprecedented Big E Honor Banner Award to an Active Naval Vessel - the U.S.S. LAKE ERIE CG-70 for being the very First Naval Vessel in American Naval History to target a Satellite in Space and hit it on the first try, thus taking it down, as planned. This Event in Naval History marks our prowess in our Ability to keep America and the Free World Safe from Enemy attack. Because of LAKE ERIE's monumental success, we Americans can be proud and feel safe in a world that is seemingly becoming the most dangerous time in history. Job Well Done, LAKE ERIE!

Award #61 - http://theusssavage.homestead.com/ -

The Webmaster of the U.S.S. SAVAGE DE/DER-386, Diane C. Day set up her Website to honor both men and Ship - but more particularly to honor the Service of her beloved father, Gerald O. Day, QM1/c - United States Coast Guard. He served aboard the SAVAGE in WWII where she won 1 Battlestar, but the SAVAGE's prowess continued as she played an important role in the Vietnam War where she won 6 Battlestars. You need to visit this remarkable Website and Memorial to the USS Savage once again - thank you Diane for your Hard Work - Job Well Done!

Honor Banner #62

Award #62 - http://navy.memorieshop.com/ -

This Award is presented to commemorate the Fleet Oilers that have come alongside our Ship - the USS HANCOCK CV/CVA-19 during her long and illustrious career that spanned 32 years. This Website is a tremendously well appointed Site and worthy of the Honor Banner. We encourage you to go visit.

Award #63 - http://www.homeofheroes.com

Award #63 is Awarded a very impressive Website, known as HOME OF HEROES.... any website that honors our Heroes of the past and present is worthy of such an Award - We are proud to honor HOME OF HEROES for their exceptional work in presenting their Website which the Yeoman of this Website feels is above and beyond in every way. Please make a Port Call over at their Webiste. - Jake


Award #64 - http://indicatorloops.com/usn_pequot.htm

Award #64 is Awarded to the USCG CABLE SHIP PEQUOT, UNITED STATES HARBOR DEFENSES. This is the first U.S. Coast Guard Ship we have had the honor to present the Big E Honor Banner to. Also the site is chock full of History and great photos. Please make a Port Call over at their Website. Truly, this Website is deserving of this award and I, the Web Yeoman am glad to present it. This Website is an "Indicator Loops-Around-the-World" Website. If you aren't sure what that is, then be sure to visit this link to find out.- Jake


Award #65 - http://oldbluejacket.com

Award #65 is Awarded to OldBlueJacket.com. While your Yeoman was searching for a perfect photo of USS RECRUIT, I happened upon Warren Willis' fabulous Web Site which is so full of Old Navy Charm that I couldn't help but give this Web Site the "Jake's 'Yankee Station- Big E Award for Website Excellence! I am convinced that there are truly few Great Sites that fit into the Calibur of Web Site that OldBlueJacket.com fills so well. Please make this Web Site one of those you Should visit! - Jake

Award #66 - http://www.thecutterstoris.info

Award #66 is Awarded to U.S. Coast Guard Cutter STORIS (WAGB/WMEC-38). This Website Award was requested 12 January 2012 - the first Award for the year 2012. The Yeoman doesn't know how he missed this Website in the past, as he feels that it is one of the very best appointed Websites he's come across in a long time - and why he didn't waste any time in presenting the "Big E" Award for Web Excellence on a Naval Theme to this notable Website which, commemorates such a Historic Coast Guard Cutter - their Ship Association's Request to Congress for the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter STORIS Museum is still pending as of this date.

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